We Could Learn From Europe

Tim Zimmermann

Americans, particularly on the right of the political spectrum, like to make fun of Europe. But here’s one more example that makes me wish we were more European on this side of the Atlantic.

The problem: Scientists have been worrying about, and pondering, the collapse of bee populations. There is reasonable suspicion (but not conclusive proof) that the collapse is related to a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids. So, what to do?

Here’s Europe’s response:

The European Union, for its part, is now moving to ban a certain class of pesticides, neonicotinoids, as a precautionary measure:

The European Commission will enact a two-year ban on a class of pesticides thought to be harming global bee populations, the European Union’s health commissioner said Monday. …

Mr. Borg made the announcement after representatives of the 27 E.U. member states failed for the second time in two months to reach a binding…

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